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Foxfire Mountain House_The Foxfire Sound_Vol. 1
Foxfire Mountain House_The Foxfire Sound_Vol. 1

Foxfire Mountain House

The Foxfire Sound Vol. 1

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A limited-edition vinyl record produced in partnership with the legendary reissue label the Numero Group. This record is the perfect soundtrack to a weekend stay in the Catskills: one side of smoky funk and soul to get down with on Saturday night, and the other side a Sunday morning ramble through the cosmic end of country and folk.
The Foxfire Sound features 12 hand-picked songs from Numero’s extensive catalog of incredible artists often overlooked in their time - wild-eyed troubadours, and lovesick rebels – in a beautifully designed package inspired by our psychedelic Catskills roots. The album features unsung music heroes like Willie Wright, the mysterious soul poet whose unique talent (think Van Morrison meets Marvin Gaye) produced just one lone album, 1977’s Telling the Truth, lost to time until Numero’s seminal reissue. On the flipside, you’ll find tracks including The Spirit of the Golden Juice by F.J. McMahon, a Vietnam vet who, upon returning from duty, drove up and down California’s Pacific Coast with a few copies of his album in the back of his pickup truck, giving them out haphazardly to anyone who showed interest. Today, that album – the only one he ever made - is revered by many as one of the best collections of acoustic music from the 20th century. We love these artists and their stories, and we’re excited to be able to share their work with you in this way.
Since 2003, the Numero Group have been releasing deeply researched, expertly resuscitated and lavishly packaged box sets of historic music from the last century. This release was specially curated by Foxfire’s resident musicologist Matt Cully, a DJ and musician in his own right, and the creator of our monthly playlists that reflect the changing seasons through the prism of contemporary and vintage sounds.

Get to know the featured artists and incredible music in the album’s Digital Liner Notes

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